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Understanding Crypto and how the market affects altcoin price was critical in the success we had in the crypto space.  This site was made with that journey in mind.  A journey that has spanned 5 years, and saw some wins… and losses, along the way.  This site is not financial advice and we are not financial advisors.  Please do your own due diligence.  What we are is an information site geared to help you understand crypto on a new, deeper level.  What drives a coins price?  What is the future of crypto?  What lessons have been learned?

There are 3 sections to Understanding Crypto.  The first is internal Articles.  These are written by us, and are our views and opinions on our journey and everything in the crypto space. If we write on a specific crypto, we will disclose if we are holding any position in it, or plan on it in the near future.

The second is the News section.  These are articles written by 3rd parties, so all views and opinions on those articles are those of the authors.  Always do your own due diligence.

The last section you will find sprinkled throughout the site, and those are Resources.  We wanted a one-stop location for us to get all our own crypto news.  So this site was originally designed with that in mind.  A place to house all our research resources (such as prices changes, market caps, etc).  Once we saw how useful the collection of resources could be for the experienced crypto enthusiast, we knew that if we shared our informative learnings along the way, we could make a great site for all users, new and experienced alike.

We hope you enjoy the site, and if there is anything you would like more information on, just let us know.

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